2016 – Present Highschool Science Sessions and Labs at the local community center including Physical Science, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.
For Special Needs see Individual Education Plan / IEP.
2015-2016 Community Center Middle School Science includes, Biology, Chemistry and Physical Sciences.
Science Labs at California Science Center:
The California Science Center strives to provide homeschool students with opportunities to explore science in unique and fun ways. Whether you are bringing one student or a group of 30, there is a program for you!


2014-2015 School Year, Science curriculum included the following:


1.a. The science or study of plants. b. A book or scholarly work on this subject. 2. The plant life of a particular area: the botany of the Ohio River valley. 3. The characteristic features and biology of a particular kind of plant or plant group.

Textbook: Practical Botany for Gardeners 9780226093932

Computer Science:noun


the science that deals with the theory and methods of processing information in digital computers, the design of computer hardware and software, and the applications of computers.


the science of life or living matter in all its forms and phenomena,especially with reference to origin, growth, reproduction, structure, and behavior.


the living organisms of a region:

the biology of Pennsylvania.


the biologicalphenomena characteristic of an organism or a group of organisms:

He is studying the biology of worms, especially in regard to their reproductive behavior.
On-going labs provided at Kidspace museumScience you can eat, etc. (see blog for more) and Computer Science at the local community center.

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