The Next Stage in Aydan’s Recovery!

Aydan's Road to Recovery

I’ve been contemplating over the past several months what should be the next step in Aydan’s Road to Recovery.  It is a daunting task to look at such a complex issue and decide.. what next?

Last December at this time I was returning from Massachusetts where I attended the week-long Son Rise program at the Autism Treatment Center.  Thanks to fans, friends and family, I was successfully able to raise most of the funds needed to make the most out of the experience.  I felt blessed and humbled.

A year into the program, I feel the most important thing I learned was to make time for Aydan.  One on one time… And truly be present for that hour or so that we spend in the playroom.  Focus only him and not on the goals.. Not on the fears of the future or the regrets of the past.  It is…

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Thankful for Family, life and Cranberry Turkey Molds!

Aydan's Road to Recovery

Last year about a week before Thanksgiving I was in a horrible car accident….


Fortunately I was in the car by myself and was not hurt physically at all but the car was totaled.  I felt horrible that I had to eat up our family time haggling insurance companies and trying to find a new car.  My husband was great and swiftly got us a new, bigger and better car more equipped to handle our growing family within a few days…


Last year I was so grateful to be safe and have such a wonderful, supportive family.  We even managed a classic Thanksgiving dinner.


This year the financial situation has been difficult with added car payment and so much other stuff… But I can’t complain.  I’m thankful I was able to spend two weeks with my family last week on a homeschool camping trip,  apple picking, playing and lots and…

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Food, love and autism… Again (PT 3) What’s on the menu for #Thanksgiving Dinner when you have leaky gut?

Aydan's Road to Recovery

What’s on the menu for #Thanksgiving Dinner when you have leaky gut?

As the mother of a vaccine injured child we’ve gone over and beyond to figure out what foods my son can eat.

While I love the family time, food and fun on Thanksgiving, it’s a day that requires a lot of preparation.

We’ve been on every diet including but not limited to GF/CF/SF, Body Ecology, SCD, GAPS, Paleo, Candida diet, Rotation diet, LOD, Feingold and on and on….

We eliminate any known allergies or sensitivities and give digestive enzymes but are still after 10 years dealing with the gut dysbiosis caused by vaccine damage.

While there’s a lot of great food bloggers offering great advice, most miss the big elephant in the room that leaky gut is vaccine damage.

What does Traditional Chinese Medicine say about Leaky gut?

“TCM has…

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Aydan's Road to Recovery


Just two days before Halloween, I am making a healthier version of Halloween Candies for the kids! This recipe is cheap and super easy! It is SCD, GAPS and Paleo friendly. It can easily be modified to be AIP, Keto or BED friendly!

What you’ll need…
-Sauce pot
-Measuring spoons for TBLSP
-Measuring cup
-Candy molds (optional)

-1 cup orange juice (preferably organic and not from concentrate)
-3 TBLSP. Plain gelatin (preferably grassfed)
-Pinch of Tumeric (optional)

Bring 1 cup of juice to boil on medium heat. Once boiling add gelatin slowly, 1 TBLSP at a time while whisking constantly. Once blended add the mixture to your molds. If using molds, place them on something hard and flat such as a cutting board so they aren’t wobbly. Place in the fridge until they have hardened, usually about an hour or less.

To make…

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Son-Rise Program Fundraiser

432173_2986711539952_1378342205_nAydan is a beautiful 11 year old boy, who was diagnosed with autism at age 2. He is a charming, intelligent, fun, affectionate, warm and tender child.

Unfortunately due to his condition, he suffers from high anxiety, stress, is non-verbal and struggles with everyday living. He has severe sensory dysfunction and many medical conditions including severe gastrointestinal disorder that further exasperates his issues.

Like any human being he longs to be connected with others, understood and accepted but with the communication skills of a 1 year old, he is growing more and more frustrated by his inability to do so.

For nearly 9 years we have tried just about every therapy under the sun both traditional and non. Aydan has been in behavioral (ABA) programs, Floortime (DIR), Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), Hanen Language Program, Special Autism Day Class, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Listening Therapy, Equestrian Therapy, Vision Therapy, Fitness training, Gymnastics and on and on. He has also participated in biomedical interventions that include DAN protocol, homeopathy, special diets, chiropractics, accupressure and more.

As his mother I have completed 1000s of hours of research and training to better understand his condition and support him. I love this child as much as any person can possibly love another… I will never give up on him.

I believe the window of opportunity never closes and am reaching out to an organization that believes the same. The Son-Rise Program was established in 1974 by parents who loved their son the way that we love Aydan. They were willing to reach him in anyway possible with radical acceptance and love. At this point in time with all Aydan has been through, he deserves nothing less.

Not only were the founders of the Son-Rise program, the Kaufman family, able to successfully reach their child; Their son, now an adult has gone on to teach others their unique method helping countless families reach their affected loved ones.

Our family is desperate to reach Aydan the way so many others have been able through Son-Rise.  We are seeking funds to attend their Start Up program, which include the following:
$2200 per person Tuition Costs (x2)
$740 Round trip airfare for 2, $200 Car rental, $120 Airport transport, $2880 one on one paid aide at 4 hours per week for 12 months.

Any amount is welcome!

Our goal is to attend the upcoming program December 4-9, 2016.

Thank you for your time, attention, support and prayers!

God Bless!

Volunteer in Aydan’s Son-Rise Program!


Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for Aydan’s Son-Rise program.  Your support and prayers make a difference in our family’s life.

I believe many children within a state of autism, though their language is often limited, they are still highly intuitive and have a great sense of emotional intelligence.  The sheer fact that one is volunteering their time to spend with a child out of the goodness of their heart will be healing to them.  Son-Rise is unique compared to other forms of therapy as it begins with our beliefs.  It asks us to maintain radical acceptance of the child no matter what.  They are loved, valued and honored exactly as they are and through that alone miracles occur.

For long term volunteers (typically at least 4 hours per week for 6 months) we are looking for individuals who are enthusiastic about keeping a positive attitude and are willing to maintain a belief in healing.

We are offering:

  • Specific instruction in methods of The Son-Rise Program to help a special child.
  • The chance to help create a miracle and help a beautiful boy become healthy, whole and capable in his life.
  • Hands-on training and learning in a brilliant model that has been proven to work thousands of times, and that can provide a deeper understanding not only of healing from autism, but also of child neurological development, while working individually with our child.
    • An internship completion certificate issued by ASD Climber Foundation (a non-profit organization) that could be helpful (depending on your situation) in future employment, or for school credit.
    • Supervision, training and feedback from a program that has been finely honed, and that WORKS. Newly published scientific study supporting Son-rise, available here.
    • Training in your own personal and psychological development, as you gain tools to help you: love what is; be present in the moment; and make happiness a choice that you can bring everywhere you go.
  • Skills to help you join, build, and initiate with children.
    • The opportunity to PLAY and have a blast.
    • Tools to help you be a force of nature in the playroom, and in life.

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Review of New Zine by Curious Peacock!

Aydan's Road to Recovery

Amazing and long over-do. It is so refreshing to see fun and exciting, yet educational material for middle to highschool age children.

This material does a great job cutting through the myths and propaganda, while getting to the truth of the subject in an entertaining way that captures the student’s interest.

I’m looking forward to checking out the other zines. My 7th grade homeschooler is sure have fun with these.

To find the free download and check out Curious Peacock’s other articles, go to:


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