The Old Blog and Going with the Flow!

The blog was originally started as an assignment gone array.. Avery took a few computer classes at the local Community Center, the first being ‘Coding for Kids’.  This was to teach him how to build websites and the assignment I gave him was to build a website for our school but after the 7 weeks, he still knew very little.  So, I decided in order to get his feet wet we’d create a blog instead, which we did but Avery’s interest was.. well.. minimal..

So we signed up for a free WordPress class online through the public library but Avery’s interest was.. well.. abysmal.. so, I decided I’d stick with the course and run the sites and for Computer Science Avery would take a different free course online, ‘Video Game Making’  He had taken a similar course at the Community center which also turned out to be a bust but he still wanted to learn so online course it is.. we’re both learning and we’re both happy! Yay!!

(Frugal Homeschooler’s Tip: Check out your local library for classes, tutoring and online courses before spending money.  Last trimester not only were we able to start do the VERY helpful WordPress class but also GameMaking for Avery, Homeschooling for me and Sign Language for us both; that one was non-negotiable.. Other courses we’ve found have been anywhere from Chemistry, Foreign Language, Algebra, Essential Oils, Gardening and much much more.. so be sure to check it out.., P.S. Tutoring is available free as well!)

So, in the attempt to make a short story long.. here’s the old blog:, rather than delete it and move all the posts over here, I decided to just add a link in the sidebar and create this new post.  Please be sure to check it out for interesting frugal homeschooler’s tips on how to turn your kitchen into a science lab or how to incorporate your health class into a Social Science project.

Thanks for stopping by Mythos Academy!


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